Version 7 for TI-89
Created in 1999 and winner in 2000 of the IEEE Student Paper Award for Latin America, Symbulator for TI-89 is the original, premier circuit simulator for calculators. Here you can download the fully revised version 7, from June 2023, the final one for the TI-Basic 68K platform.
Version 8 for Nspire
A quarter of a century after its creation, Symbulator was rewritten in 2023 to run on the latest calculator by Texas Instrument, the TI-Nspire CX II CAS. Here you can download the latest incarnation of Symbulator, version 8 beta. Scheduled to be maintained going forward.
Credits and Praise
Symbulator was created by Roberto Perez-Franco, with the support form dozens of users who provided feedback. Learn more about the people behind Symbulator and supporting software. Learn the source of solved problems. Read some praise received from users.